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In the 60's things changed, - also the way of manufacturing, the magic word became "Automation" as the equipment and machines started to operate based on new concepts, which required a new generation of dynamic cable protection. Mr. Giovanni Mauri, (president and founder of Brevetti Stendalto) captured this new demand, he designed and started to propose Nylon cables chains in alternative to old style steel cable chains, which were too heavy and expensive for most of the new modern automation equipment and machines. From those days, Brevetti Stendalto's cables chains are used for dynamics cables protection on all kinds of equipment around the world. The continuing evolution of Brevetti Stendalto has brought: a wide range of cables chains for all kinds applications, international patent for Robot circular chains in 1988, ISO 9001 qualification, branches in France 1998 and Germany 1999, new modern facilities in Monza, Italy and a consolidation of our international sales net in all industrialized countries. Today's Brevetti Stendalto is projecting its future in two main directions; large cable chain projects and problem solving supply. For large cable chain projects, Brevetti Stendalto is approaching a leading position in this sectors with increasing demand, as offshore platforms and harbour crane equipment. To give an idea of what technological wise is reached for such applications, where the dynamic power supply heavily determine the entire project, Brevetti Stendalto's test rig, tests the cable chains at a constant speed of 8 m/s for 130 m travel. With regards to "Problem solving supply" , Brevetti Stendalto is offering a new supply concept; cable chains completely finished with cables and connectors. For the customer it means reduced assembling and installation time, reduction of possible problems, which again express the philosophy of Brevetti Stendalto: Free to project.
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